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Contract automation is a key part of transforming your contracts into digital assets. Parley’s CLM platform is poised to automate all aspects of contract creation, negotiation, and management processes, which will transform the way 21st-century organizations do business.

Reap the Benefits of a Better Contracting Experience

Clear contract management visibility, time-saving automations and templates, and delightful contract collaboration pay off.

Productivity increase 40%


Faster contract cycle time 37%

Faster contract
cycle time

Error reduction 34%


Compliance improvement 55%



Clear contract management visibility, time-saving automations and templates, and delightful contract collaboration pay off.

Andrew Wichern

General Counsel at


We’ve been using Parley Pro for several months now and our contracting process feels aerodynamic — a smooth process from beginning to end.

Mark Peters

VP Sales at AnyChart

Ramon Rhymes

We love Parley Pro dashboards. It shows us the big picture and lets me drill down into the details to find ways to improve.

Ramon Rhymes

Principal at RedLine Solutions

Contract Management Done Easier, Faster, Together

Collaborate on contracts and your end-to-end contract management lifecycle in one place with Parley Pro.
Every contract stakeholder clearly sees what is needed of them to move the process forward. Real-time collaboration and automation features streamline contract review, negotiation, editing, and approval. Every step is automatically reported along the way to provide clear insights on how the contracting process can be improved.

Contract Analytics You Can Actually Act On

Interactive contract analytics dashboards provide complete visibility into your contract portfolio and your end-to-end contract lifecycle.

Negotiate Contracts Smarter And Faster

Build trust with partners and find consensus faster with true real-time contract negotiation. Smart contract collaboration focuses everyone on resolving important issues and “redlines” within one centralized and optimized workflow.

More contract management insight

Track important contract KPIs, uncover trends, and make better decisions based on data.

Streamline Your Entire Contract Lifecycle

Improve visibility and control over your contracts with best-in-class contract automation and workflow tools. Automate routine tasks, boost efficiency, and accelerate the contract cycle.

Experience the Parley Pro Difference

Schedule a demo of Parley Pro to see how you can provide a better contract experience for your team and your partners.
Gives you a seat at the table

Gives you a seat at the table

Impact your organization with real-time, actionable data and insights
Gives you a seat at the table

Closes deals faster and cost-effectively

Automates routine, admin tasks, decrease costs, and realize contract benefits faster.
Gives you a seat at the table

Leads to higher-quality contracts

Reduce errors, improves compliance, and creates more win-win outcomes.
Gives you a seat at the table

Transforms you into asset creator and manager

Equip you to manage contracts’ value and risk at scale and systematically.
Gives you a seat at the table

Improves your relationships with partners

Increase transparency and build trust that results in stronger relationships.
Gives you a seat at the table

Articulates your department’s value

Track and generate information relevant to your business